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Click-Pause-Silence (2000) deals with encounter and departure. This austerely modern ballet takes its cues from the compositions by Dirk Haubrich, who has become a regular collaborator of Kylián. The piece shows three men and one woman dancing alone or together, quick or slow, following the current of the
music or going against it. Kylián created the piece for one of NDT’s leading dancers Elke Schepers, as she was about to leave the company. Wondering how you can preserve your memories of loved ones and dear encounters, Kylián invented the analogy of the photograph: there is a click, a pause, and then…

World premiere

30 november 2000


Jiří Kylián

Additional Credits

Muziek: Jiří Kylián Kylián (concept), Dirk Haubrich, Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude nr 24, Andante in
b-mineur BWV 869 uit Das Wohltemperierte Klavier (1722) Piano opname: Gerard Bouwhuis