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Joeri Dubbe

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Born in Haarlem, Joeri Alexander Dubbe attended the National Ballet Academy and was honored as Most Talented Student. He began his dance career with an apprenticeship with the Dutch National Ballet. He performed with this company for four years with the coryphées, to make the transition to NDT2.
He danced with this company till the summer 2008 in works such as Ohad Naharin’s Minus16 and Spit; in the choreographies Postscript, Sleight of Hand, Subject to Change and Said and Done by Lightfoot Leon and in Kylian’s Sleepless, 27’52, Chapeau and Indigo Rose.
Joeri was one of the finalists in the Dutch delegation to the Eurovision Young Dancer Competition. He is now working in the Dutch freelance circuit, performing in such projects as the choreography Honey Crypto by Kenzo Kusuda.
In addition, Joeri performed at such events as Julidans in Paradiso, Sensation White, Hart improvisation in Club Panama and Electronation.
Korzo took Joeri Dube under its wing as a choreographer in 2009. His first work Prospect Future, was created for the 2008 Here we live and now. This performance was shown at Todays Art and the World Expo in Shanghai; it is also included in this season’s DansClick tour.
He received three more commissions from Korzo in the 2009-2010 season: Joeri made a short piece for the Holland Dance Festival program Present of Past, a new presentation for Here we live and now, and he also participated in an exchange project with South Africa for the 2010 BIG5 Festival. His latest and first full-length performance, Chrono premiered at the 2011 CaDance Festival, was selected for the Blind Date tour and toured with great success through the Netherlands.
On Saturday 8 October choreographer Joeri Dubbe was awarded the Prize of the 2011 Nederlands Dansdagen.