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The Swedish choreographer Johan Inger is an inventive creator, whose style varies from comical and theatrical to earthy and organic. In his latest creation B.R.I.S.A for NDT 2 (premiere March 6, 2014), Inger explores the themes of awakening and change."Stimulating, uplifting, ecstatic - in B.R.I.S.A. the wind blows life, the storm is the driver of a new energy, of change (...) On this solid bedding by Inger, the NDT 2 dancers show in B.R.I.S.A. again their versatility.” THEATERKRANT ****

World premiere

6 maart 2014, Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag


Johan Inger

Additional Credits

Assistent van de choreograaf: Urtzi Aranburu
Dramaturg: Gregor Acuña

Muziek: Nieuwe compositie van Amos Ben-Tal
Nina Simone: Black Swan, Wild is the wind, Sinnerman

Licht:Tom Visser
Decor: Johan Inger
Kostuums: Bregje van Balen
Tijdsduur: 40 minuten

Date Performance City
08-05-2014 Tour Bad Homburg Bad Homburg
Louisenstrasse 58
61348 Bad Homburg