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The Hague is to be given a new place for entertainment with music and dance, the Spui Forum.

13 Sep 2012

The press is currently being informed that The Hague is to be provided with a new venue for music, dance and other events:

  • Board of B&W presents  plans for the Spui Forum
  • Spui to become new entertainment boulevard: intensive cooperation between the theatres in the Spui area.
  • Nederlands Dans Theater, Residentie Orkest and Royal Conservatoire under one roof .

The Hague is to be given a  new place for entertainment with music, dance, events and meeting points: the Spui Forum. The Spui Forum will stand on the site of the theatres currently to be found on the Spuiplein (Dr. Anton Philipszaal and Lucent Danstheater), which are urgently in need of replacement. With the plans for the Spui Forum the board of the Mayor and wethouders are choosing for a large-scale investment in the city.

In the Spui Forum the Nederlands Dans Theater, the Residentie Orkest and the Royal Conservatoire will soon become a unique combination under one roof, with professionals, rising talent and amateurs working alongside and with each other. With the arrival of the Royal Conservatoire the Spui Forum will become the daily stage for a variety of activities. The building and realisation involves an budget of 181 million Euro, 80 million less than in the original plan. The municipality will carry three-quarters of the total building costs.

Wethouder Marnix Norder (City Development, Housing and Integration): “The Hague, the international city of freedom and justice, is an ambitious city. This is a city of more than 500.000 residents in one of the busiest regions of the country. The Hague has become a city to which people want to come for its shopping facilities, to meet each other and to go out. This has been made possible through a series of large changes which have made the city centre more lively and attractive. This started with the building of the new Town Hall and the library. Central Station is shortly to become a beautiful entrance for the city. The Grote Marktstraat and the Nieuwe Haagse Passage have been transformed  from grey and  miserable to vibrant and vital, and a place in which businesses are enthusiastic about becoming established. The Wijnhaven Quarter has taken shape with spectacular residential and office towers. Now it is the turn of the area around the Spuiplein: the Spui Forum. With the building of the Spui Forum a new Spuiplein will also be created. A smaller and more cosy square with terraces for relaxing and for meeting each other.”

Wethouder Marjolein de Jong (Culture, Inner City and International): “With the Nederlands Danstheater The Hague has a company which is one of the global leaders in its field. Our Residentie Orkest also makes a trip to The Hague very much worth the effort. The Hague is proud of our arts organisations. They give allure to the city and deserve a building which suits them. By positioning the young musicians and dancers of the Royal Conservatoire with them in a single building we connect the current artistic top with the talent of the future. It is not for nothing that a rich and varied cultural selection is one of the most important reasons for people to live in a city. The Spui Forum will be much more than just a traditional theatre building. It will be an iconic building which you simply must have seen. With a spectacular dome it will provide a marvellous new view over the entire city. It will be a lively place where things are happening all day long: where you can drink a cup of coffee with friends in the morning, in the afternoon can wander into an atrium which is bustling with culture and in which you can have a quick look at a rehearsal in the conservatoire. You might visit a congress in this inspirational environment, and in the evening you will find that the  Spui Forum has programmes from Bach to Borsato and from Blaudzun to Bollywood. In the Spui Forum, all of the residents of The Hague, visitors from outside the city and international guests will feel at home. With the Spui Forum, the Theater aan het Spui, the Filmhuis and Pathé Spuimarkt the Spui will once again become a real entertainment boulevard. We invest  in culture, in a lively city centre, and therefore in the economy of The Hague.”

Plans for a new building  were made in 2010, but this proved too expensive. After consultation with the council, the board has altered the plan and sent this to the city council on 13 September 2012. This new plan is based on lower costs, more cooperation between the institutes and greater integration with the Royal Conservatoire. The building has now also been turned so that the entrance will be facing the Spui.

The city council will make a definitive decision on the plans in November 2012. After this the definitive designs will be made, whereby the residents of The Hague will once again be consulted about how the building should look.

The design of the Spui Forum is the result of a competition which was held amongst 54 architect bureaus in 2010. After a number of rounds of evaluation in which the residents of The Hague were also involved, the plan by Neutelings Riedijk Architecten was chosen. These architects are also the designers of the MAS in Antwerp.


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