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NDT presents première Programma II - NDT 1

12 Nov 2013

This is not what I wanted to say! Do I know you? Do you think she loves me?

In Skipping over Damaged Area the recipient of the Dutch Swan Award 2013, Medhi Walerski, embodies an elderly man who tries to grasp his own memories while uttering severe monologues. This touching dance theater liaison of house choreographers León & Lightfoot is accompanied by a world premiere of Gabriela Carrizo, founder of the experimental theatre dance company Peeping Tom.

Creative centipede Alexander Ekman creates new work for NDT 1 after his recent successes for the second company. Lastly, Crystal Pite’s poetical flow lures you into wintery melancholy against a backdrop of swirling snowflakes.

Visit Programme II in Carré 6 and 7 December or Lucent Danstheater from 13 to 21 December.

Copyright foto The Missing door: ©Rahi Rezvani 2013

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