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Big names, smaller stage: new NDT performance

21 Jan 2014

Programme B is the second and last NDT 2 programme of this season and premieres on March 6 in Theater aan het Spui. Artistic director Paul Lightfoot is quite specific in his choice to present bigger names on a smaller stage; it offers a positive stimulus and enables well-known choreographers such as Johan Inger to work from a new perspective. The intimate atmosphere of the venue contributes to the pure essence of choreography. Programme B shows a world premiere of the inventive Inger and a revival of Postscript of Léon & Lightfoot. The show tours through the Netherlands until April 17.

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World premiere
Former NDT 1 dancer Johan Inger (Stockholm, 1976) is an associate choreographer of the company. It was in 1995 that he made his dream debut with the applauded Mellantid. Since then Inger created numerous pieces for NDT 1, NDT 2 and other companies. He blossomed to be an inventive creator, whose style varies from comical and theatrical to earthy and organic. Recently Inger composed his successful ballet I New Then (2012) for NDT 2, in which he and his dancers explore their own artistic identity. The result is a fresh, colorful and upbeat work on music by Van Morrison. Inger’s oeuvre has been awarded with the Dutch Prize of Merit by Stichting Dansersfonds ’79.

“I New Then shows much inventiveness and the young dancers shape their roles with real personalities” DE TELEGRAAF

An energetic trio and two duets with innovative partner work take place in separate worlds that do not seem to meet. Live on stage, a violinist and pianist present music of Philip Glass. The work of house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot premiered in 2005 in het Lucent Danstheater and will be performed for the first time in the attractive hall of Theater aan het Spui.

"A sample of their early mastery. In this work, all the typical ingredients of the duo are present: a magnificent musicality, excellent efficient design and a lyrical as well as cartoon style unruly dance idiom" TROUW

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