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Janine Dijkmeijer receives Jiří Kylián-ring

24 Jan 2014

During the Holland Dance Festival Gala on Saturday, January 25th Janine Dijkmeijer received the Jiří Kylián ring. Kylián was more than thirty years as artistic director and resident choreographer associated with NDT.

Dijkmeijer ( former dancer) founded the international dance film festival Cinedans in 2003, that reached the highest rank of international dance festivals in ten years . As a cultural entrepreneur Dijkmeijer also supervised the management of various cultural institutions . In 2009 she co-founded with choreographer Nicole Beutler modern dance company NBprojects. Since 2012 she has been managing director of the National Ballet , which she leaves on 1 March .Additionally Dijkmeijer worked for The Raad voor CUluur and the Fonds Podiumkunsten.

The Jiří Kylián ring was initiated in 2006 by the Dutch Dance Festival as a sign of admiration for his mastery . Kylián was asked to give the award to an artist who , like him, is a source of inspiration and innovator in the world of dance. In 2008 the Ring was awarded to dancer / choreographer Michael Schumacher , who in turn passed the ring in 2010 to lighting designer Ellen Knops .

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