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Nederlands Dans Theater stays in national funding infrastructure

15 Jun 2011

On June 10th the Secretary of State for Culture in the Netherlands published his plans for cultural in the Netherlands. In his letter he has indicated that, in the case of Nederlands Dans Theater, he will not adhere to the advice presented to him on April 29th by the Council for Culture. Nederlands Dans Theater will maintain its international stature and remain in the national funding infrastructure as it is now.

In his letter he furthermore states that Nederlands Dans Theater, due to its function and international reputation, occupies a special position in the dance field. In order to maintain this top position, the government will not apply the subsidy cuts as advised by the Council of Culture but will only apply the generic +/- 5% subsidy cuts to our companies.

We will still hand over the petition to representatives of the House of Commons on June 20th, before the debate in parliament, planned for June 27th. We will then also ask support for dance in The Netherlands and in The Hague especially. This is positive news for us, but many dance companies and production houses are still threatened and need our ongoing support.

We thank you all for your overwhelming support!