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Warm onthaal voor NDT 1 in USA

25 Okt 2013

Het eerste gezelschap trad op in het Music Center in Los Angeles van 18 t/m 20 oktober . “Unpredictable NDT is memorably modern” kopte de LA Times en Orange County Register schreef  “Dutch company exemplifies power of European modern dance”.

Met groot succes voerde NDT 1 de balletten Shoot the Moon en Same Difference van León & Lightfoot en Chamber van Medhi Walerski op.

Op 23 en 24 oktober stond NDT 1 in Cal Performances in Berkeley, waar het Schmetterling en Sehnsucht van León & Lightfoot voor een uitzinnig publiek opvoerde. De SF Weekly was erbij: “NDT returns in all its glory”.

Geniet met ons mee van de lovende kritieken:

“The company demonstrated over and over again its signature elegant style, a fascinating admixture of ballet (minus pointe shoes) and powerful modern technique. The program also showcased the exceptional stylistic and dramatic range of its dancers and their gorgeous bodies, each and every one with arms and legs that seem to go on forever.”

"There's a theatricality and a rigor here, a balance of forces as rare as it is compelling"

“The sublime Nederlands Dans Theater made its first triumphant return to the Bay Area.”

“The gorgeous dancers of Netherlands Dance Theater took me – and the rest of the packed theater – on an exhilarating and slightly dangerous journey in their own “Porsches,” so to speak. Their brilliant technique, knowledge and inspiration allowed us to travel at the speed of light to places we’ve never been before.”

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